Colorado governor says he will ‘take a hard look’ at why red flag law failed to stop Club Q shooting

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) on Sunday said he will “take a hard look” at why Colorado’s red flag law did not stop the shooting at Club Q earlier this month, adding that an expansion of the legislation may be examined.

“We're certainly going to take a hard look at why [the] red flag law wasn't used in this case and the case of the King Soopers shooter, what can be used to better publicize, make available, add different parties to make sure that it's used when it should be use...

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Murphy says Senate does not have 60 votes to pass assault weapon ban

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a leading advocate for gun control in the Senate, expressed doubt on Sunday that an assault weapons ban once again being pushed by President Biden after the country's latest mass shooting could pass the upper chamber.

Biden said he was “going to try to get rid of assault weapons” during the lame-duck session of Congress this year following a recent string of mass shootings, but such a proposal would need 10 Republican votes to break the legislative...

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Pakistan’s Imran Khan vows to fight to ‘last drop of blood’ in first rally since being shot

Ousted PM calls off march on Islamabad to avoid further chaos but continues to press for early elections, possibly by pulling his PTI party out of regional assemblies

Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan told tens of thousands of supporters on Saturday that he would fight until his “last drop of blood” in his first public address since being shot in an assassination attempt this month.

The shooting was the latest twist in months of political turmoil that began in April ...

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Sunday shows preview: GOP prepares to take over House; Colorado Springs shooting reignites calls for gun control

The GOP’s imminent takeover of the House and renewed calls for gun control in the wake of the Colorado Springs shooting are likely to dominate this week’s Sunday shows circuit.

The Republican Party is set to take over the House next year after securing a slim majority in the midterm elections earlier this month. 

Two midterm races remain uncalled by the Associated Press, as of Saturday afternoon. However, if both go in favor of Republicans — as they are currentl...

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Newsom says he won’t run for president in 2024, even if Biden doesn’t seek reelection


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