Giffords Praises Delaware Senate for Passing Legislation To Remove Guns From Dangerous People

Legislation Creates Lethal Violence Protection Order to Temporarily Remove Firearms From Individuals Who Pose a Danger to Themselves or Others

June 19, 2018 —Giffords, the gun safety organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Captain Mark Kelly, applauded the passage of HS 1 for HB 222, a bill that would establish a process for obtaining a Lethal Violence Protection Order (LVPO) that temporarily prohibits an individual who is a danger to themse...

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‘Essentially summer camps’: how the right is defending family separations

As a chorus of condemnation builds, defenders are finding unusual ways to back a policy that seems indefensible

On Monday, the conservative news site Drudge Report filled its famous, all-caps lead story slot with the headline “BORDER BATTLE: USA TAKING IN 250 KIDS PER DAY”. Next to the story was a photo of young children holding guns, implying that the children separated from their parents are gun-toting criminals.

The children in the photo were not traumatised minors who cross...

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New Survey Data Details Voters in Districts Key to Determining Control of the House of Representatives Back Candidates who Support Strong Gun Safety Laws

Survey of 38, largely Republican-held battleground districts show that making a race about gun safety can increase Democrats’ advantage

Results also show that the National Rifle Association is increasingly out of step with Americans

June 19, 2018 — New public opinion survey data released today shows that gun safety is a winning issue in districts key to determining control of the House of Representatives. Released today by Giffords, the gun violenc...

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Milwaukee cop mocked Sterling Brown, celebrated violent arrest in Facebook posts

Police officers conspired to rough up Sterling Brown and celebrated after the fact, a lawsuit filed Tuesday on behalf of the Milwaukee Bucks guard alleges.

The complaint includes multiple Facebook posts from Officer Erik Andrade, one of several Milwaukee cops present for Brown’s arrest in January. In one of them, the complaint says, Andrade calls the shift that included the incident a “great time.”

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Laura Ingraham calls abusive child separation policy ‘essentially summer camp’

One of Fox News’ most visible white supremacists on Monday defended the Trump administration’s practice of forcibly removing children from their families and placing them in metal cages by likening the practice to summer camp.

Host Laura Ingraham tried to portray what amounts to government-sanctioned kidnapping as an inevitable byproduct of undocumented immigration, riffing on the Trump administration’s lie that the abductions are stipulated in federal law.


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Five people wounded in Malmö shooting

Police say no reason for public to worry after shooting in Sweden’s third biggest city

Five people were wounded in a shooting in Sweden’s third biggest city Malmö but their condition was unknown, police said.

The incident happened just after 8pm on Monday night, the Swedish news agency TT said, quoting the city’s police department as saying: “There is no reason for the public to worry.”

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The importance of teaching kids about LGBTQ history and culture

Over the past decade, there’s been a plethora of books aimed at children on LGBTQ themes. Some of these books tell familiar romantic fairy tales with same-sex protagonists, while others provide basic education about kids who might be transgender. Author Gayle Pitman, however, is trying to create space for books that actually teach kids about LGBTQ history and culture.

Pitman’s latest book, Sewing the Rainbow, tells the story of Gilbert Baker, inventor of the Pri...

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