Arizona cop cleared of murder of sobbing, unarmed man

A former Mesa, Arizona police officer who fatally shot and killed an unarmed father of two was cleared of second degree murder charges on Thursday.

Philip Mitchell Brailsford, 27, was also cleared of criminal liability in the death of Daniel Shaver. It took the Maricopa County jury approximately 12 hours over a span of two days to find Brailsford not guilty.

The tragedy unfolded nearly two years ago in January 2016 when Shaver, 26, was staying at the Mesa La Quinta Inn. Shave...

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A crime against fashion? Why Montreal police donned colourful cargo pants

Forbidden from striking, officers in Montreal’s 4,600-strong police force wore non-regulation colourful cargo pants, checkered clown trousers and animal-print leggings in their three-year fight over pensions. They won a 20% pay rise

At the intersection of Saint Catherine Street and Stanley Street in downtown Montreal, it was hard to miss the group of police officers, standing outside the station, watching for jaywalkers. But the first thing you noticed was not the badges or the guns,...

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The surprising factors driving murder rates: income inequality and respect

Inequality predicts homicide rates ‘better than any other variable’, says an expert – and it is linked to a highly developed concern for one’s own status

A 17-year-old boy shoots a 15-year-old stranger to death, apparently believing that the victim had given him a dirty look. A Chicago man stabs his stepfather in a fight over whether his entry into his parents’ house without knocking was disrespectful. A San Francisco UPS employee guns down three of his co-workers, then turns his wea...

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Rural police forces consider giving guns to regular officers

Three forces believe that the large areas they cover mean current system of elite firearms officers would be too slow in responding to serious gun crime

Three police forces are considering plans to give guns to some uniformed bobbies on the beat in order to respond more quickly to a crisis situation, such as a terrorist attack.

The forces concerned are predominantly rural, and senior officers believe that their geography could mean that the current system of specialist firearms...

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Giffords New Mexico Coalition Responds to the Shooting at Aztec High School in San Juan County

December 7, 2017 — Today, the Giffords New Mexico Coalition, a group launched in partnership with Giffords, the gun violence prevention group founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, reacted to the shooting at Aztec High School in San Juan County:

“The last thing our children should fear is the sound of gunfire in their schools. My heart is with all the students, their families, teachers and the first responders impacted by the horrifi...

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