Trump suggests machine guns would deter immigrants better than a wall

In a wide-ranging 45-minute live interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday night, President Donald Trump defended the $25 to $35 billion dollars he hopes to spend on a wall for the southern border. He bemoaned, however, that it would be far more effective if armed soldiers could just point machine guns at immigrants as they tried to enter the country.

“You go to a lot of the generals, they will tell you, this is a national emergency,” Trump claimed, arguing t...

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After election fraud scandal, North Carolina GOP candidates lean into the absurd

Like moths to a flame, the vacant congressional seat in North Carolina’s 9th district has attracted the attention of nearly a dozen of the state’s most bigoted Republican lawmakers. Among the latest to join the fray is state Sen. Dan Bishop, a Republican lawmaker who championed North Carolina’s ill-fated and transphobic “bathroom bill” in 2016.

This week, Bishop leaped into the race with his first campaign ad, focusing his criticism at the likely Democratic nominee, Dan McCready. <...

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187 Republicans vote against bill to close the gender wage gap

The House on Wednesday voted 242-187 for a bill that would strengthen protections for female workers and help close the gender wage gap. The vote comes as Republicans are trumpeting themselves as the champions of women’s economic mobility — though only seven of them voted for the bill.

Iterations of this legislation have been debated by lawmakers for decades but have never actually been able to pass. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), seeks to boost women’s pay b...

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ICE set to deport domestic violence survivor after one year of detention

A woman who has been detained in Texas for more than a year will likely be deported on Thursday after her asylum claim was denied — despite a visa certification confirming she is a victim of domestic violence.

Melvin Griselda Cruz Lopez — known to her friends and family as Griselda — received her U visa certification from the Chicago Police Department last week, which gives victims of mental and physical abuse relief from deportation. She now is working with a pro ...

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Alleged New Zealand mosque gunman linked to far-right group backed by Steve King

Austrian authorities announced Wednesday that they had discovered a financial link between the alleged New Zealand mosque shooter and a white nationalist group frequently championed by members of the U.S. far right, including Rep. Steve King (R-IA).

Prosecutors in the south of the country said the Identitarian Movement, a white nationalist group that first originated in France, received roughly $1,700 from the alleged gunman in early 2018. A spokesman added that there is now an inve...

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Why far-right attackers aren’t charged as domestic terrorists

Christopher Hasson’s alleged intentions were clear from the start.

Hasson, 49, a Coast Guard lieutenant, was arrested by federal agents in late February on gun and drug charges. But the guns alone weren’t the reason prosecutors were concerned.

Instead, they were troubled by the fact that Hasson had allegedly amassed an arsenal in preparation for a lone wolf attack inspired by the far right, and had compiled an alleged hit list of prominent Democrats and journalist...

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Charlottesville residents say ‘ethnic cleansing’ threat proves ongoing danger of white nationalism

More than 4,000 students in Charlottesville, Virginia, were forced to stay home for the second straight day after an anonymous poster threatened to launch an “ethnic cleansing” at one of the city’s high schools.

Residents say it’s further proof of the persistent danger of white supremacy in the United States.

The threat targeting Charlottesville High School originated on Wednesday from the imageboard 4chan and was quickly endorsed by other users. On Th...

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Jacinda Ardern’s ‘no notoriety’ response to New Zealand mosque shootings has paid off

In the United States, there have already been more than 60 mass shootings in 2019, according to statistics compiled by the Gun Violence Archive. In New Zealand, such events do not happen with the same frequency, and the country’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern is taking on the challenge of ensuring that it stays that way.

Last week, two mosques in New Zealand became the latest venue for senseless violence after a gunman, targeting Muslims at prayer, murdered 50 people. For con...

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New Zealand’s ban on assault rifles met with support across the country

Less than a week after the worst mass shooting in the country’s history, New Zealand has announced a national ban on military-style semi-automatic weapons, with the support of both the government and opposition parties.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the ban on Thursday, which also included assault rifles, high-capacity magazines, and parts that allow weapons to be modified into the type used by the far-right gunman who killed 50 worshipers at two mosques in the city ...

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