MASS SHOOTINGS: Visualizations

In the wake of yet another mass shooting, the President challenged the press to research and compare gun violence data from the last 10 years: “Tally up the number of Americans who’ve been killed through terrorist attacks over the last decade and the number of Americans who’ve been killed by gun violence and post those side by side on your news reports.”

We’ve added a small selection of the results from the President’s challenge to our Stats & Charts page, but the number of compelling visualizations and the data collected on several levels is chilling. See more of the roundup below…


USA Today: Behind the Bloodshed – A Timeline of US Mass Killings | Source

Behind the Bloodshed: Timeline by USA Today

“The untold story of America’s Mass Killings” USA Today
Explore the interactive resource here »


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Don’t stand idly by. GET INVOLVED! Real change happens when we, the citizens, decide to take action. Get tips and ideas on how to get started and where to go from here »

  • Call Congress – Contact your legislators today! Click here to learn how to find your representatives and get tips on the best ways to communicate with them.
  • Join Local Organizations – visit the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence to join or add an organization that’s taking a stand to end the flow of illegal guns.
  • Find and Sign Petitions – Add your voice to many by signing petitions asking congress to RESPOND and take action against firearm abuse.
  • Educate yourself and others – Absorb as much information as you possibly can about all sides of the argument and proposed solutions. Educating yourself on these issues and learning all the pros of cons of the solutions put out there will help you make informed decisions moving forward. Be sure to share your knowledge with others who are willing to listen. And remember: Ignorance is weakness, not bliss. Knowledge is powerful.
    • Read through the resources and news available on this site and those referenced.
    • Did you know Google has a Scholar area? You can use this search tool to find published papers by experts in politics, science, psychology, and more – all on the topic of Gun Violence Prevention.

Do you have ideas on other ways to take action? 

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Gone, Not Forgotten

Too many lives have been lost to gun violence in rapid succession over the last decade. When did “mass murder” become routine? This cannot continue.

President Obama after Oregon shooting: “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

On October 1st, 2015, President Obama took the podium for the *15th time* after a mass shooting in Oregon.  During his statement, Obama showed his frustration and firmly challenged the American people not to stand idly by. His full speech is one every US citizen should witness:

Watch from the White House on YouTube


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Call Congress

Visit or directly to find your legislators and tell congress it’s time to take action toward ending gun violence.

Many Americans don’t know that constituents contact their congress members daily. Making a call to congress is one of the most important steps moving forward and the best way to get your voice heard on tough topics. Here’s some tips on how to effectively communicate with your senator or representative and their staff: (more…)

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